War always results in material losses, psychological trauma, and even further can threaten life. Countless cases of war have resulted in crises humanity, violence, slavery, massive massacres, and genocide (?). The trigger for this human tragedy was triggered by various factors, namely control over an area for example. Human values ​​are torn apart, human rights are emasculated, they never feel like they have enough. The work "Caught in a Dilemma" wants to show something reflection on various immoral events. The voices of the victims could be heard screaming their commotion, even women and children were not spared from tragedy that humanity. The destruction and devastated atmosphere were felt to be insufficient in the format picture or description. Rapid technological achievements, sharpness of missiles capturing accuracy, ends up attacking the nobility of human values, while hoping to destroy them. In this work, the pose of a person is depicted the girl is hugging a teddy bear who is sitting and observing around him. Birds that are used to flying freely are depicted as dying, isolated, and forced to meet their deaths.