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SalesPlace is powered by our community — Artists, Curators, Collectors, and Partners. With the introduction of the SalesPlace DAO and the $SALES token, we’ve begun decentralizing curation and putting even more power into the community’s hands. We’re partnering with companies who share a similar vision, and together, we’re building a better art market that everyone can take part in.

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DAO Family Members


Gucci joined the SalesPlace DAO because our brands share core beliefs around authenticity, artist storytelling, and the future of art and culture. To that end, SalesPlace Labs worked with the Gucci team to curate the “100 Years of Gucci” project which launched this summer, with a plan for Gucci to launch their official SalesPlace Space later this year.


Netgear joined the SalesPlace DAO to help pioneer a royalty/licensing model for the displaying of NFTs on digital frames, which will create additional revenue streams for artists. This program will support the showcasing of curated SalesPlace collections on the Meural platform — the world’s largest streaming library of art and photography.


BottoDAO joined the SalesPlace DAO via a historic SIP voted on by the $SALES community. Botto is a decentralized artist that generates art based on community feedback to train its algorithm, and each piece is then sold on SalesPlace. The first step of cross-DAO curation will start with BottoDAO applying and voting in the next Space Race to onboard curators of related AI art projects.



Manifold gives artists a blank canvas to be creative with their own smart contracts and mint NFTs with zero coding knowledge required. Manifold and SalesPlace share the same belief in artist sovereignty — true creative ownership, interoperability, and freedom of expression.


Async is a powerful minting platform that simplifies the process of creating layered and programmable art collections. Artists can tokenize the individual layers that make up their “master” 1/1 artwork, or they can generate thousands of unique variations from a single source. Async and SalesPlace are allied as authentic, art-focused believers in the ethos of web3.


Transient Labs is the premier creative studio for bringing innovation, ingenuity, and security to groundbreaking cryptoart projects and ecosystems around the world. They are a bespoke service for revolutionary NFT projects that are pushing the boundaries of blockchain and smart contract technology. Transient and SalesPlace are allied in pursuit of artistic innovation.

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